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To purchase fine art photography in July 2016, contact Piante Gallery

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Recipient of numerous awards from Redwood Art Association, Eureka Photoshop Users Group, and Humboldt Arts Council


One Photographer's Study of Humboldt's Buildings and Structures

In 2010, I commenced a study of the business district of Arcata. Later that year I started working in downtown Eureka. I started by creating formal portraits of many buildings of note. Over time, my study has gone deeper. I am seeing more in the details. I am drawn create images that do not necessarily tell the whole story. I started seeing the pieces that create the whole. I found that these vignettes tell a story in greater detail. This exhibit represents a portion of my current work.

When I photograph I am looking for a scene that will reveal itself. As I view the scene, I do so with trained eyes. I do not necessarily start the shoot with the exact composition in mind, but often I have an idea of what it should look like. As I move around the subject, I settle on the position from which I want to take the shot. Then I set up the camera and compose the photograph.

Once I have the technical aspects of the camera met, and the composition is set, I experience a form of "oneness" not only with the subject, but also with the moment. I become present in that place and in the moment. At this point, I am usually experiencing a form of a walking meditation. That is when I take the photograph.
Sometimes I think that I am finished with a subject, but as I pack the tripod and camera and walk away something more will reveal itself, and I often go in deeper into the subject and into my meditation. I sometimes wonder if there is no limit to what I may discover within some subjects.

The next part of the experience is with the post-processing where I review, cull, and rate the images. The magic of the moment returns, and I then print the selected images.

The experience culminates for me when viewers of the prints experience some form of satisfaction from viewing the images, and they express their validation of the images with some form of feedback.

Prior to the digital age, I worked in many film formats. I ran a darkroom in the military, earned a bachelor's degree in photography, had a darkroom, and I mostly printed in black and white. For this project, I chose to portray the images in color.

All current work is digital. Prints are processed with archival media.



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To purchase fine art photography in July 2016, contact Piante Gallery

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